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TIME FTTO team has launched the new promo for TIME Fibre Business Broadband for FTTO customer. This initiative gives our new customer FREE ONE MONTH on top of the year end promo if they sign up from 6th January 2020 – 29th February 2020.

Here are the package review:

100Mbps – RM248 per month (Original price RM398)
50Mbps – RM218 per month (Original price RM338)
20Mbps – RM138 per month (Original price RM238)

Business Rules:
1) Only applicable for NEW FTTO customers.
2) Promo discount is only 24 months. 25th month & above price will revert back to original price.
3) Easy Switch not applicable for this promo.
4) Kindly ensure that you tag the promo code “First Month On Us & Year End Promo” and download the new SO (FTTO First Month On Us + Year End Promo ) from the ESO Portal. Normal SO will not entitle for this offer.
5) Other standard business rules apply.